Cutesykink on the road……

CutesyKink Pop up stand

CutesyKink Pop up stand at London MCM Expo

Last few months CutesyKink has been out and about to a few shows in London with our brand new pop up stand. Displaying all the new clothing we have in our online store and a whole lot more. 

First up was London MCM Expo back in May, three day event that saw an amazing 110 000 visitors attend!!! It was busy, especially on the Saturday, sitting down was not a option on day two >_<  This was our first ever show and it didn’t go as smoothly as planned, trying to relocate my whole store including fixtures and fitting, to London in a morning was not best idea I have ever had. Somehow though, we managed it ^_^ even after sitting in a traffic jam at 6am for two hours. For a first attempt I think we didn’t do too bad…..

On show we had all our ranges of clothing from Lolita to Steampunk, plus accessories, shoes and of course kawaii plushies. (´(エ)`)

I never got to see much of the event, as so busy, but I can assure you it is full of amazing stands, exhibits, food and of course Cosplayers!!! A few snaps I took on my phone, so excuse the quality >_<

Cutesykink Stand MCM Expo

Cutesykink Stand MCM Expo


Sailor Moon cosplayers at CutesyKink Pop Up store


MCM EXPO May 2014 London


Amazing Cosplay MCM Expo


Steampunk clothing at MCM Expo with Cutesykink


Close Up of Cutesykink Stand at Londom MCM Expo

Next up just a few weeks ago was Hyper Japan at Earls Court London!!

Cutesykink meets Pikachu

Cutesykink meets Pikachu

The event of the year for me, I love Japan, the culture, the food, the anime, the cuteness and of course don’t forget the clothes!!

This time we were more prepared or I would like to think ^_~ arrived day before to set up and stayed up in London to cut down on the long hours of driving back down South each day. Only thing I didn’t account for was the size of my stand being half that of the last event eeeeek!, it was a challenge to squeeze everything into such a small space!!! I’m so sorry if you had to queue to get in……….

If you like Japan culture you will love this event as much of me, a little bit for everyone here, from gaming to bonsai trees, cosplay to traditional kimonos and especially alpacas – yes I did buy two!!

We had a continuous stream of customers buying just about all styles we stock, Steampunk clothing and Gothic Lolita dresses were extremely popular as was all the kawaii clothing.

The best bit about Hyper Japan for me was meeting some amazing people for the first time, Maurice from Cyten, Tartan Kawaii. Anime Alisha and so many more, and of course all of you who went for making us feel so welcome – thank you xx!!

Until the next time……………………I will leave you with a

………………………… a few pictures I took when I got a free minute

Chopper from One Piece

Chopper from One Piece


Hyper Japan Earls Court


Fashion Shows Hyper Japan


Cosplayers Hyper Japan


Toroto Hyper Japan


Hyper Japan 2014


Hyper Japan 2014 Earls Court London


Kakunodate Ice Cream and Sakura

Tokyobling's Blog

If you plan on following the the sakura season (the cherry blossoms) as it progresses northwards you are probably thinking about visiting Kakunodate in Akita prefecture, one of the most famous cherry blossom viewing spots in the north of Japan. Kakunodate is famous for its hanami, or cherry blossom viewing along their beautiful river, but they are also famous for their cheap and delicious sakura ice cream ladies, skillfully creating sweets in the shape of flowers in front of the customer. I don’t remember the price but it was very cheap. Kakunodate is easily reached by the shinkansen train, and very popular with both foreign and Japanese tourists. Enjoy!







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Exclusive new designs

Neko Creations available at CutesyKink

When Feeby from Neko Creations agreed to draw some commissions for my store I was absolutely thrilled. This is my second exclusive artwork I have had created and this time I am having some little cheeky chibis created in each style of clothing I stock with a anime style twist.

Bashing our heads together on Facebook in the early hours I am thrilled with the results. Feeby is an incredible artist and just lovely too

“I am a blue haired little kitty who spends 80% of my time pulling stories from my keyboard or sketchbook and the other 20% avidly stretching the bounds of normalcy in Northwestern Michigan.”

Well …..meet Alpaca Girl.

alpaca sundae by Neko Creations for Cutesy Kink

alpaca sundae


isn’t she a cute lolita chibi…. who just cannot control her excitement when confronted with a huge ice cream sundae ^_^

It is a must to check out more of Feebys work, it can be found in her store nekocreations.com and on Facebook 

I look forward to working a lot more with Feeby over the coming months…its such a pleasure

Next up will be Steampunk Neko…..I think Feeby will like that idea ^_~

This and all the other artwork I have had commissioned is available in my store on tote bags and T shirts and soon to add a range of nail accessories too….. www.cutesykink.co.uk


A day with Saoirse Clohessy


Yesterday Saoirse Clohessy Photography came to CutesyKink for my first ever photo shoot >_< something I’ve never done before and a somewhat scary experience.

Saoirse is a keen Japan culture enthusiast as well as a fantastic photographer you can see her work on her website www.saoirseclohessy.com or on Facebook.

The day started out a bit bizarre with my first model Danni travelling all the way from Cornwall to model for me and her train just didn’t stop at the station, poor little thing was so tired when I finally tracked her down at a station in Portsmouth. Luckily the day didn’t fall apart from then on in, as that was an unexpected start that you could never plan for.   Next to arrive was Megan another model who had traveled from Nottingham!!! With her lovely friend Aisha and lastly Saoirse. Step one of getting everyone here on time was complete. Weather was actually kind too O_O and looking out the window on a grey Sunday today – we were so lucky!!

None of us had ever met before but I hope we all got on just great, and it just goes shows how invaluable social media can be when a group of people come together after meeting on Twitter. And the actually produce something pretty amazing ^_^  I feel very chuffed of our achievements yesterday and I cannot wait to see the photos from just the little snippets I have seen they look truly amazing.

We started out with the oh so cute kawaii look….lots of giggles, and silly behavior. My naughty cats making guest appearances and stealing the cakes and balloons >_<. I would like to give a huge thank you to Sally Thornhill for driving all the way from Swindon with her cupcakes and biscuits especially made for the shoot. Have to say they looked fantastic

Cakes Kawaii                                                              Kawaii Party

We then moved to the garden and rabbit balloons became a bit of a pain and with a change of scenery looked scary rather than cute O_o lurking in the bushes and as the wind blew them away.





Next up was Steampunk fashion, and the amazing Aisha who just came as morale support couldn’t wait to get involved. And what a pro she turned out to be as well. The moment I saw her dressed up in the doorway with Megan it was WOW!  Thank you so much for stepping in ❤


Time seemed to fly by and a look at the clock it was almost four a clock, break for a late lunch at my local pub time. Then it was back to get a few more scenes in before light and fatigue got the better of us all.



Hope you like the few behind the scene shots of the day AND would like to give a huge thank you to each and everyone of you involved as you made it such an amazing day. I can’t wait to see you all on my stand at the MCM in May ^_^

Sally x



Sumikko Gurashi San X character insight

Sumikko Gurashi


This is a little look at the range Sumikko Gurashi. Japan never ceases to amaze me with the ideas behind the characters they create. No they are not just toys, they are little characters often with personalities that you can relate to. They are lovable and make you really think about emotions, these characters are no exception.

San X launched these guys in September 2012, Sumikko Gurashi (すみっこぐらし), which roughly translates to “beings living in corners”  They are mis fits, social outcasts and have been cast aside by society in a way. They all bundle in the corner for safety and security.


Top row: Shirokuma, Penguin?, Tonkatsu, Neko, Tapioca, and Zassou
Bottom row: Hokori, Furoshiki, & Nisetsumuri

  • Shirokuma (しろくま): a runaway polar bear who doesn’t like the cold, that is a big issue for a polar bear
  • Tonkatsu (とんかつ): the fried pork cutlet crumb. His character description states that he’s that last leftover piece of tonkatsu; he’s 1% meat, 99% fat. He is always left behind because of his fat content.
  • Penguin? (“ぺんぎん?): an insecure green penguin questioning his identity, because he is green, he carries a cucumber as a friend as he can relate to this
  • Neko (ねこ): a shy cat who scratches when nervous
  • Tapioca (たぴおか): pearls of leftover boba, maybe left over whilst making tea, those bits at the bottom of the cup
  • Zassou (ざっそう): an ambitious weed who dreams of being a bouquet, one day 😉
  • Hokori (ほこり): a happy corner-inhabiting dust particle, who seems to be the happiest of the bunch with who he is
  • Furoshiki (ふろしき): Shirokuma’s luggage cloth
  • Nisetsumuri (にせつむり): a slug who pretends to be a snail by wearing a shell

I think every one in some way or another can relate to at least on of these little guys. I especially like Tonkatsu, and now every time I have pork, its always a pork cutlet and not a chop ^_^

CutesyKink has just started stocking these little cute characters and they are all desperate for a new corner to dwell or maybe even some love. They can be found in my kawaii section www.cutesykink.co.uk



Launch competition look back


In February a week to launch of CutesyKink Ltd we ran a competition each day for our special Twitter following to win clothes and accessories. The response was overwhelming, even my poor phone decided on day 4 to give up with notifications. >_< Over the seven days had over 1000 RT’s @_@

 aThe main competition was just basic follow and RT’s something I have never done before. It is very hard to manage and quite stressful. I am sure there is a App to help, I will be more prepared next time.


Along side this to add to the madness we ran a few other competitions, at random times, asking followers to guess my favourite Japanese dish, Pokemon etc. And had a kimono giveaway for the best Haiku to describe this dress. The amazing poems that came from you all. Simply stunning!!!special

Here are just a few of the Haiku’s we received. It was extremely difficult to pick a winner >_<

‘her white flowers

have turned red

in the night’

‘white, pink and red blossom

flutters all around

as she walks by’

‘Elegant sakura snow

Flutter with my fragile heart

Wrapped in midnight silk’

‘Darkness embraces spring,

The wind carries porcelain petals,

Beauty shatters in front of my eyes’

‘Cascading fabric

Swirling blossoms consume you

Enveloping warmth’

‘Venus in blossoms,

Rising from the ruffles to

soothe the savage heart’

even had Italian

‘Nevicano petali di ciliegio,

carezza gelida

sulla pelle e sul cuore.’

Lastly would like to share some of the winners to you all. Feedback and response like these make it all worth while…thank you xx

e d c b


Introducing you to Cyten a new friend found on Twitter ^_^

Cyten Logo - Black (standard, small)

Hey all! First and foremost we want to give our thanks to CutesyKink for featuring us! We aim to

keep this introduction to us brief ^^

We are Maurice and Ashley, the co-founders of Cyten which is a gaming and anime online media/events company. We’ve known each other since our days at Sixth Form College where we found common ground in gaming and anime. We both have sciencey backgrounds and aren’t originally from the big smoke, i.e. London. Ashley is from Leeds in Northern England and Maurice is from Sweden in Northern Europe ^^. We co-founded Cyten in early 2012 after discussing fusing the passion and enjoyment we both have for gaming and anime into something we could share with others. Not only do we want to share our enjoyment of gaming and anime but we want to take it further in more ways than one (something which is a bit of a secret for now :)) as well as bring people together in a cool and fun filled atmosphere.

This in a nutshell is how Cyten came together after weeks and months of dreaming and planning. As for the name, we wanted something Japanese sounding or of Japanese origin. Whilst out chowing down on some food, we jotted down a long list of names, shortlisted it and Ashley suggested Cyten, which actually wasn’t on the long list >.< ! RushDown which is the name of our podcast show was something Maurice suggested which is a gaming term, generally meaning to overwhelm and overcome an opponent with a surprise fast attack.

Since we founded Cyten in April 2012 we’ve been laying the foundation of our company. You can’t run before you can walk ^^; and so we’ve been planning a lot of different things, meeting with different people and companies etc. It wasn’t easy to begin with and we suffered a few setbacks here and there which did knock our confidence a little bit but undoubtedly made us stronger. Looking back we’re quite glad we had those setbacks then rather than now or in the future and so we’ve learned a lot from our experiences. This year is a special one as we’re starting to roll things out and build on our foundation. We havequite a few things lined up and so far it’s been going well and we’ve received a positive and warm response both online and offline, as well as “met” some great individuals and companies online. Oneof which of course is Sally and CutesyKink ^^.

We’ll be attending a few conventions and Expos both in the UK and abroad where we’ll be reporting on the event as well as hoping to find new and exciting cosplayers, designers, fan artists etc to feature on our InstaFeatures or Spotlight page. Be sure to come and say hi if you’re attending any of the events!

With Cyten’s second birthday coming up we’re going to be running one or two competitions here and there so make sure to keep in the loop 😉

– Ash and Moe

Co-founders of CYTEN.co.uk 

A must >>>>>>>>>>>> Follow on Twitter @CytenLtd


Photo shoot Saoirse Clohessy Photography x Cutesykink

I am very excited Saoirse Clohessy Photography is coming to CutesyKink on the weekend of 19th/20th April to write a article about my store and do a photo shoot!! Saoirse is a keen Japan culture enthusiast as well as a fantastic photographer. Can check out work on website www.saoirseclohessy.com or on Facebook  I’m so thrilled at this collaboration ^_^


Saoirse Clohessy Photography

This date is penciled in at the moment and will be confirmed shortly. The photo shoot will take place in the grounds of my home, just outside Portsmouth in Hampshire.

If anyone is willing to model for us can you please get in touch with either myself Sally: info@cutesykink.co.uk or Saoirse with portfolio.

I will cover cost of travel but not too far and definitely only UK >_< and each model will have a chance to come away with a free dress of their choice from my many ranges.

The images will be used not only for Saoirse’s portfolio and article but a few will be selected, blown up to a whopping 2.4 metres high and used on my display stand at MCM Expo London in May.

A understanding of alternative fashion and especially Japanese fashion would be ideal, but not essential.

Look forward to hearing from you








Welcome to CutesyKink’s blog

Insight into CutesyKink

Insight into CutesyKink

This is my first post so a little intro if you like to CutesyKink Ltd UK. We are a Asian fashion retailer with online store and pop stand specialising in J fashion from Japan. Launched www.cutesykink.co.uk on first March 2014. Aiming to bring affordable alternative fashion from streets of Japan to the UK. Asia has its whole own range of clothes rarely seen in the UK a lot of which originates from Harajuku and Shibuya.

So with my shop… I am trying to capture that magic of Japan. I am not your typical alternative clothes store. The clothes maybe different and new, but anyone can be a ‘J girl’. With a focus on Asia, one of beauty and femininity and sometimes a little wacky as well …. My store is based around the sensual side of fashion and the culture of the East. Lots of cherry blossom, pretty models, haiku poetry, anime and manga.

Ranges include Lolita, Gothic, Punk, Steampunk, Kawaii, Visual Kei, Korean J pop to name just a few, and later in 2014 I will be adding cosplay to this massive list. Also in a few weeks will have in some cute accessories, charms and bits n bobs from San X and other cute Japanese brands.

We have something a little different for all. The clothes I have chosen are very wearable every day or you can go for the full on look. That is entirely up to you. Bored of the high street well take a tour of my website cutesykink.co.uk, follow us on Twitter  or like us on Facebook  I am always available to help


IMG_5193    IMG_5194

IMG_5199     IMG_5196