Introducing you to Cyten a new friend found on Twitter ^_^

Cyten Logo - Black (standard, small)

Hey all! First and foremost we want to give our thanks to CutesyKink for featuring us! We aim to

keep this introduction to us brief ^^

We are Maurice and Ashley, the co-founders of Cyten which is a gaming and anime online media/events company. We’ve known each other since our days at Sixth Form College where we found common ground in gaming and anime. We both have sciencey backgrounds and aren’t originally from the big smoke, i.e. London. Ashley is from Leeds in Northern England and Maurice is from Sweden in Northern Europe ^^. We co-founded Cyten in early 2012 after discussing fusing the passion and enjoyment we both have for gaming and anime into something we could share with others. Not only do we want to share our enjoyment of gaming and anime but we want to take it further in more ways than one (something which is a bit of a secret for now :)) as well as bring people together in a cool and fun filled atmosphere.

This in a nutshell is how Cyten came together after weeks and months of dreaming and planning. As for the name, we wanted something Japanese sounding or of Japanese origin. Whilst out chowing down on some food, we jotted down a long list of names, shortlisted it and Ashley suggested Cyten, which actually wasn’t on the long list >.< ! RushDown which is the name of our podcast show was something Maurice suggested which is a gaming term, generally meaning to overwhelm and overcome an opponent with a surprise fast attack.

Since we founded Cyten in April 2012 we’ve been laying the foundation of our company. You can’t run before you can walk ^^; and so we’ve been planning a lot of different things, meeting with different people and companies etc. It wasn’t easy to begin with and we suffered a few setbacks here and there which did knock our confidence a little bit but undoubtedly made us stronger. Looking back we’re quite glad we had those setbacks then rather than now or in the future and so we’ve learned a lot from our experiences. This year is a special one as we’re starting to roll things out and build on our foundation. We havequite a few things lined up and so far it’s been going well and we’ve received a positive and warm response both online and offline, as well as “met” some great individuals and companies online. Oneof which of course is Sally and CutesyKink ^^.

We’ll be attending a few conventions and Expos both in the UK and abroad where we’ll be reporting on the event as well as hoping to find new and exciting cosplayers, designers, fan artists etc to feature on our InstaFeatures or Spotlight page. Be sure to come and say hi if you’re attending any of the events!

With Cyten’s second birthday coming up we’re going to be running one or two competitions here and there so make sure to keep in the loop 😉

– Ash and Moe

Co-founders of 

A must >>>>>>>>>>>> Follow on Twitter @CytenLtd


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