Cutesykink on the road……

CutesyKink Pop up stand

CutesyKink Pop up stand at London MCM Expo

Last few months CutesyKink has been out and about to a few shows in London with our brand new pop up stand. Displaying all the new clothing we have in our online store and a whole lot more. 

First up was London MCM Expo back in May, three day event that saw an amazing 110 000 visitors attend!!! It was busy, especially on the Saturday, sitting down was not a option on day two >_<  This was our first ever show and it didn’t go as smoothly as planned, trying to relocate my whole store including fixtures and fitting, to London in a morning was not best idea I have ever had. Somehow though, we managed it ^_^ even after sitting in a traffic jam at 6am for two hours. For a first attempt I think we didn’t do too bad…..

On show we had all our ranges of clothing from Lolita to Steampunk, plus accessories, shoes and of course kawaii plushies. (´(エ)`)

I never got to see much of the event, as so busy, but I can assure you it is full of amazing stands, exhibits, food and of course Cosplayers!!! A few snaps I took on my phone, so excuse the quality >_<

Cutesykink Stand MCM Expo

Cutesykink Stand MCM Expo


Sailor Moon cosplayers at CutesyKink Pop Up store


MCM EXPO May 2014 London


Amazing Cosplay MCM Expo


Steampunk clothing at MCM Expo with Cutesykink


Close Up of Cutesykink Stand at Londom MCM Expo

Next up just a few weeks ago was Hyper Japan at Earls Court London!!

Cutesykink meets Pikachu

Cutesykink meets Pikachu

The event of the year for me, I love Japan, the culture, the food, the anime, the cuteness and of course don’t forget the clothes!!

This time we were more prepared or I would like to think ^_~ arrived day before to set up and stayed up in London to cut down on the long hours of driving back down South each day. Only thing I didn’t account for was the size of my stand being half that of the last event eeeeek!, it was a challenge to squeeze everything into such a small space!!! I’m so sorry if you had to queue to get in……….

If you like Japan culture you will love this event as much of me, a little bit for everyone here, from gaming to bonsai trees, cosplay to traditional kimonos and especially alpacas – yes I did buy two!!

We had a continuous stream of customers buying just about all styles we stock, Steampunk clothing and Gothic Lolita dresses were extremely popular as was all the kawaii clothing.

The best bit about Hyper Japan for me was meeting some amazing people for the first time, Maurice from Cyten, Tartan Kawaii. Anime Alisha and so many more, and of course all of you who went for making us feel so welcome – thank you xx!!

Until the next time……………………I will leave you with a

………………………… a few pictures I took when I got a free minute

Chopper from One Piece

Chopper from One Piece


Hyper Japan Earls Court


Fashion Shows Hyper Japan


Cosplayers Hyper Japan


Toroto Hyper Japan


Hyper Japan 2014


Hyper Japan 2014 Earls Court London