Launch competition look back


In February a week to launch of CutesyKink Ltd we ran a competition each day for our special Twitter following to win clothes and accessories. The response was overwhelming, even my poor phone decided on day 4 to give up with notifications. >_< Over the seven days had over 1000 RT’s @_@

 aThe main competition was just basic follow and RT’s something I have never done before. It is very hard to manage and quite stressful. I am sure there is a App to help, I will be more prepared next time.


Along side this to add to the madness we ran a few other competitions, at random times, asking followers to guess my favourite Japanese dish, Pokemon etc. And had a kimono giveaway for the best Haiku to describe this dress. The amazing poems that came from you all. Simply stunning!!!special

Here are just a few of the Haiku’s we received. It was extremely difficult to pick a winner >_<

‘her white flowers

have turned red

in the night’

‘white, pink and red blossom

flutters all around

as she walks by’

‘Elegant sakura snow

Flutter with my fragile heart

Wrapped in midnight silk’

‘Darkness embraces spring,

The wind carries porcelain petals,

Beauty shatters in front of my eyes’

‘Cascading fabric

Swirling blossoms consume you

Enveloping warmth’

‘Venus in blossoms,

Rising from the ruffles to

soothe the savage heart’

even had Italian

‘Nevicano petali di ciliegio,

carezza gelida

sulla pelle e sul cuore.’

Lastly would like to share some of the winners to you all. Feedback and response like these make it all worth while…thank you xx

e d c b


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