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Insight into CutesyKink

Insight into CutesyKink

This is my first post so a little intro if you like to CutesyKink Ltd UK. We are a Asian fashion retailer with online store and pop stand specialising in J fashion from Japan. Launched www.cutesykink.co.uk on first March 2014. Aiming to bring affordable alternative fashion from streets of Japan to the UK. Asia has its whole own range of clothes rarely seen in the UK a lot of which originates from Harajuku and Shibuya.

So with my shop… I am trying to capture that magic of Japan. I am not your typical alternative clothes store. The clothes maybe different and new, but anyone can be a ‘J girl’. With a focus on Asia, one of beauty and femininity and sometimes a little wacky as well …. My store is based around the sensual side of fashion and the culture of the East. Lots of cherry blossom, pretty models, haiku poetry, anime and manga.

Ranges include Lolita, Gothic, Punk, Steampunk, Kawaii, Visual Kei, Korean J pop to name just a few, and later in 2014 I will be adding cosplay to this massive list. Also in a few weeks will have in some cute accessories, charms and bits n bobs from San X and other cute Japanese brands.

We have something a little different for all. The clothes I have chosen are very wearable every day or you can go for the full on look. That is entirely up to you. Bored of the high street well take a tour of my website cutesykink.co.uk, follow us on Twitter  or like us on Facebook  I am always available to help


IMG_5193    IMG_5194

IMG_5199     IMG_5196





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