A day with Saoirse Clohessy


Yesterday Saoirse Clohessy Photography came to CutesyKink for my first ever photo shoot >_< something I’ve never done before and a somewhat scary experience.

Saoirse is a keen Japan culture enthusiast as well as a fantastic photographer you can see her work on her website www.saoirseclohessy.com or on Facebook.

The day started out a bit bizarre with my first model Danni travelling all the way from Cornwall to model for me and her train just didn’t stop at the station, poor little thing was so tired when I finally tracked her down at a station in Portsmouth. Luckily the day didn’t fall apart from then on in, as that was an unexpected start that you could never plan for.   Next to arrive was Megan another model who had traveled from Nottingham!!! With her lovely friend Aisha and lastly Saoirse. Step one of getting everyone here on time was complete. Weather was actually kind too O_O and looking out the window on a grey Sunday today – we were so lucky!!

None of us had ever met before but I hope we all got on just great, and it just goes shows how invaluable social media can be when a group of people come together after meeting on Twitter. And the actually produce something pretty amazing ^_^  I feel very chuffed of our achievements yesterday and I cannot wait to see the photos from just the little snippets I have seen they look truly amazing.

We started out with the oh so cute kawaii look….lots of giggles, and silly behavior. My naughty cats making guest appearances and stealing the cakes and balloons >_<. I would like to give a huge thank you to Sally Thornhill for driving all the way from Swindon with her cupcakes and biscuits especially made for the shoot. Have to say they looked fantastic

Cakes Kawaii                                                              Kawaii Party

We then moved to the garden and rabbit balloons became a bit of a pain and with a change of scenery looked scary rather than cute O_o lurking in the bushes and as the wind blew them away.





Next up was Steampunk fashion, and the amazing Aisha who just came as morale support couldn’t wait to get involved. And what a pro she turned out to be as well. The moment I saw her dressed up in the doorway with Megan it was WOW!  Thank you so much for stepping in ❤


Time seemed to fly by and a look at the clock it was almost four a clock, break for a late lunch at my local pub time. Then it was back to get a few more scenes in before light and fatigue got the better of us all.



Hope you like the few behind the scene shots of the day AND would like to give a huge thank you to each and everyone of you involved as you made it such an amazing day. I can’t wait to see you all on my stand at the MCM in May ^_^

Sally x